The vast open spaces of the Free State are the heart of South Africa's farming country. Here over 70% of South Africa's grain is produced which has earned the province the title of the "bread basket' of South Africa. The province stretches over the great central plateau of the interior of South Africa and is symbolized by sunflowers, maize and the rich Free State Goldfields.

In the North the province benefits from the refreshing waters of the Vaal River and the land is rich and fertile while the South is formed mostly by the dry Karoo.

Substantial mineral deposits are found in the Western part of the province and the major towns of Bloemfontein and Welkom - together with the goldfields - add to the wealth of the province.

The Free State also holds some of the region's most famous Bushman rock art, the Golden Gate Highlands National Park and enormous dams that present good opportunities for a variety of water sports and angling.

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