Gauteng, otherwise known as Egoli or 'Place of Gold', is a vibrant and fast paced province. Although it is the smallest of the provinces is a diverse multicultural hub that attracts young, urban professionals to its bright city lights. Rich in culture and heritage as well as in gold, Gauteng is a diverse melting pot.

Gold was first discovered in Gauteng on the Witwatersrand in 1886 and the gold rush that followed led to one of the biggest and most productive mining centers in the world. The main cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria are the main commercial and industrial centers in South Africa.

In Johannesburg visitors may choose to take in the Johannesburg Art Gallery and Market Theatre Complex or shop up a storm at Sandton City. Gold Reef City theme and entertainment park is great for the whole family, or experience a township tour of Soweto. In Pretoria various historical and cultural buildings can be seen such as the Voortrekker Monument and the Union Buildings and the bright purple blossoms of the Jacarda tree are a familiar sight.

Gauteng offers a wife array of excellent accommodation from big city hotels to quiet country lodges, live entertainment and theatre, international and local cuisine, whirlwind shopping malls and sports facilities.


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